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Sensors and Systems

We do not currently sell Artemis, CyScan or RadaScan systems or sensors online.

RangeGuard systems and our range of MRU sensors are available:


The Artemis system is a microwave position reference sensor for use in long range Dynamic Positoning (DP) applications. Artemis accurately measures the range and bearing of a mobile asset relative to a fixed position. The position is determined by measuring the absolute distance and the relative angle between two Artemis stations.

Range: up to 10km



The CyScan system is a local position reference sensor for marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. It measures the range and bearing of retro-reflective targets allowing the DP system to maintain the vessel's position and heading relative to the target structure of another vessel.

Range: up to 2500m



The RadaScan system is an advanced local position reference sensor for long range use in marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. The sensor is a rotating antenna mounted on the DP equipped vessel. It emits a microwave beam and accurately measures the range and bearing of one or more intelligent microwave targets called responders, allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading.

Range: up to 1000m


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