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Prism Cluster - 8 way flexible (Absolute Signature)

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Prism Cluster - 8 way flexible (Absolute Signature)

Absolute Signature technology provides a unique signature from the AS Prism. The signature recognition distinguishes the difference between targets and false reflections, such as high visibility workwear. The technology acquires the correct target in a cluttered environment and maintains Signature Lock throughout the duration of the operation.

 The AS Prism has design features to provide unique target acquisition, prism protection, high target visibility and varied flexible mounting options to allow for wider and easier customer installations.

Prisms reflect almost all the light received and provide the maximum signal strength allowing for longer operation in deteriorating visibility. They are typically mounted in clusters to provide a greater angle of visibility and/or to increase the signal response in locations prone to low visibility.

As a flexible cluster, three user configurable options for different angular visibilities are available.

Angular visibility: 90, 120 and 360 degrees


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Part Number 20-0235
Weight (kg) 7.0
Dimensions 40 x 17 x 33 cms