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Series 3 Primary Cell (PCP) Responder Kit

Series 3 Primary Cell (PCP) Responder Kit

Complete PCP kit.

The primary cell pack has a nominal 24/7 use expected life-time of 12 months under average temperature conditions. Mostly deployed on assets in remote locations that are not frequently visited by personnel. RadaScan Responders are available in 4 different colours. Red / Blue are normally reserved for vessel equipment with Yellow / Green as platform equipment.

Lithium Metal Batteries UN3090 PI968 Section II Cargo Aircraft Only. A copy of the Material Safety Data sheet will accompany this product.

This part can be purchased online but a custom shipping quote is required. Please contact Customer Services for more information.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Part Number 10-0162-4-X*
Weight (kg) 50.0
Dimensions 60 x 70 x 59 cms